The Undeniable Importance of a Tenant Background Check, Explained

The Undeniable Importance of a Tenant Background Check, Explained

A 2015 study showed that there are just as many people who have criminal backgrounds in the United States as there are people who have college degrees.

If you're a landlord, this fact should set off some alarms. You never know who might be trying to live in your apartment complex. Behind a kind smile could be someone with a dark past, who might use the apartment they're renting from you for criminal activities. 

This is why it's important to run a tenant background check. 

If you want to learn more about background checks — you've come to the right place. This article will walk you through the reasons why you should conduct a tenant background check. 

What Is a Tenant Background Check?

A tenant background check is a way of scanning future tenants so that you know they'll live up to your standards. The process usually involves a credit check — to make sure that this person will be able to pay their bills, an employment check — for the same reason, and a criminal background check — so you can be sure you know exactly who they are. 

Of course, every landlord has their way of doing this. Always take a personal and scientific approach to how you run your background checks. See what works best for you, and change the things that don't work as well. 

Importance Of a Tenant Background Check

Some people consider conducting checks on a tenents background to be discriminatory. However, it's often just a case of wanting to keep your other tenants safe. No one can blame you if you don't want a sex criminal, or someone with a violent past, in your apartment.

However, in some states, it is illegal to refuse someone based on their criminal history. Make sure you check your state's laws to make sure all of your conduct is legal and encouraged. 

One of the best ways to run a background check on tenants as far as financial security goes is to check out their most recent pay stubs. This will ensure that they're able to keep meeting their payments. Generally, the government agrees that it's unfair for you to be expected to rent to people who won't be able to pay it. 

Hire Support

Renting out a property is never easy. While many people talk about tenant's rights, few are aware of just how difficult the job of a landlord is. You want to make sure you conduct any background checks right, so you don't wind up wasting precious time and energy at a civil court.

If you're a new landlord — or even just a seasoned landlord looking to be extra efficient — consider hiring a property management service. A good service will help you manage your property right. 

Check Out Your Tenants 

A tenant background check is essential for ensuring security, trust, and legal compliance. Make sure you run a background check to scan your tenants, so you don't wind up with a headache, and a day in civil court. 

For more information, contact us today. 

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