Fort Lauderdale Real Estate: Should You Make the Investment?

Fort Lauderdale Real Estate: Should You Make the Investment?

Are you serious about real estate investment? Are you considering making a move with Fort Lauderdale real estate?

Believe it or not, the population of Fort Lauderdale is currently growing at .18% annually, and there has been a 10.63% increase in population since the last census in 2010. Folks are enjoying an excellent climate, a low cost of living, and lots of exciting things to do.

Here's why you need to be thinking about investing in the Fort Lauderdale market.

A Booming Market

Young professionals, retirees, and families are all flocking to the Fort Lauderdale area. It's a bustling area with some classic southern charm, yet people are enjoying a more affordable lifestyle. 

Housing in Fort Lauderdale is located near restaurants, parks, and other local attractions, making it quite attractive to younger professionals who are inclined to rent. And retirees continue to be attracted to a state with no income tax and no tax on retirement income.

Yet Fort Lauderdale is becoming an increasingly popular place for folks with families as well. There are lots of child-friendly homes and high-quality schools. 

In addition, there are lots of educational things to do on the weekends with a family. These include museums, amusement parks, and libraries. And don't forget about all of the fishing, boating, and swimming your family can enjoy regularly!

Those without families will find no shortage of excitement in the area as well. Delicious restaurant options include Chinese, Mexican, and Cuban, and health-conscious folks enjoy lots of vegetarian and vegan options. There is also an arts district with plenty of galleries, museums, and boutiques.

Those who love golf, shopping, and bustling nightlife are all attracted to the Fort Lauderdale area. Young people working remotely or relocating to a Florida office will find the perfect combination of a low cost of living and plenty of exciting things to do. More mature folks can enjoy an active social life, excellent healthcare, and great transportation that can allow them to visit others at a moment's notice.

And Attractive to Renters

Investors looking to attract renters will find some excellent opportunities in the Fort Lauderdale area. Lovely apartments, condos, and single-family homes are perfect for those going through a transition or looking to save money.

Popular neighborhoods in Fort Lauderdale include Colee Hammock, which is about a mile and a half from the ocean. Residents can enjoy boutiques, cafe housing, and wine bars. Lots of historic homes and condos are available.

Tarpon River is another popular option. Locals take advantage of beaches, arcades, and brewing companies.

Victoria Park is another neighborhood popular with young professionals and retirees. There are lovely parks, waterways, and dining options. Schools in these areas include both public and private options.

Fort Lauderdale Real Estate

If you're serious about lucrative investment opportunities, you can't go wrong with Fort Lauderdale real estate. With a booming population and flourishing lifestyle, you'll be enjoying the returns on your investment for years to come.

Don't stop getting smart about Florida real estate now. For quality property management in the area, contact us today.

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